This website was prepared by LeFerna "Louie" Walch, the mother of Dream-Singer Destin James. Together with Trisha Clark Robertson and her late son Zach Clark we are all supporting the Destin James Foundation to educate others on the gifts we all have been given by God, especially the spiritual connection between a mother and her children. We have come together to help others who are grieving for loved ones know that they are still with us and are happy and well on the other side. Destin's Story is one of great importance and his cause is to travel and teach students about the dangers of "legal drugs." He says they never listen when people tell them about the dangers of it all, but maybe with a dead person explaining it all, it might just sink in! Everyday college drinking mixed with Acetaminophen is what landed Destin in the hospital that killed him.  He doesn't want it to sneak up on anyone else.

Trish and her son Zach have joined us to help their cause, which is to help grieving mothers contact their children who have crossed over.  Mama's blog educates everyone on the subject of the afterlife while Destin is always in on the conversations.  We also offer taped conferences with all of us.

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